Light Bubble Retreats, holistic respite centre invite you to escape from engaged lifestyle, to recharge in an environment that will provide quiet, comfort and where you can learn how to integrate easy techniques into your everyday life to avoid feeling overwhelmed, stressed or burned. We offer as well pre-natal program and cancer support.

It is about more than taking a long-needed break, it is finding sanctuary where you learn to protect your health, live a more balanced life, respect and enhance your potential.

Our retreats are for people who feel the need to “switch off” and focuse on oneself.

Our team specialises in stress burnout prevention, cancer support and childbirth preparation.

So if you are feeling under pressure, deal with the cancer or are pregnant, come to us and learn specific Sophrology’s practical tools and put in place a real strategy to become your best supercharged self!.

What is Sophrology?

Sophrology is as a very modern “extra-large” form of mindfulness which use mind-body techniques made of simple and practical exercises and techniques that fit easily into everyday life.

It uses breathing techniques, simple movements , visualisation, focusing exercises…to help us achieve an alert mind in a relaxed body, to support us to face everyday challenges with more resilience and inner strength. A sort of super-fast, super-charged meditation in action.

It can also be used for different aims such as improve of concentration and performance, speaking in public, manage phobias, fear, childbirth.
Sophrology is particularly well-known in France, in other parts of Europe and in South America, where it is used for pain relief in hospitals for example in the labour ward or surgical unit.